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Load Testing helps in validating the application design and server infrastructure for expected concurrent user load wherein the system’s response is tested under varying load conditions simulating concurrent virtual users accessing the application under test.

It is a non-functional form of application testing in which we measure response times and throughput and examine the resources provisioned for the application. Load testing is executed to simulate the behaviour of the application under both normal and at peak conditions, thereby identifying any bottlenecks in the system which might that degrade the performance in production.

The key to executing Load testing, besides creating test scripts and scenarios to simulate real-world traffic, is the availability of load generator servers which could pump up the required number of concurrent connections at any given point in time. The number of concurrent connections created by the load generator machines is dependent on their hardware configuration.

NIC’s Load Testing Service provides a cluster of load generator servers that can create high concurrency traffic on the application. the User can upload Test Script and run the load test schedule.

A detailed test report is available for download after the load test execution which will provide insights on application behaviour under simulated production load.

Load Testing Process steps are as under -

  • Identify Test Environment
  • Identify Acceptance Criteria
  • Plan and Design Tests
  • Prepare Test Environment
  • Record Test Plan
  • Run Test
  • Analyze Results
  • Performance Tuning

Process flow of availing Load Testing as a service

Request Submission
  • User Submit Request
Test Execution
  • Scenaro Identification
  • Acceptance Criteria
  • Test data provisioning
Test Report Analysis and Optimization
  • Test Report Analysis
  • Identification of Boottlenecks

Process flow of availing Load Testing as a service

  • Identify Secenarios
  • Create Test Script
  • Test Execution on Load Generators
NIC Load Testing Team
  • Consulting on Performance Testing
  • Training & Support
  • Provide access to Load Generators

How to Avail the Services

Registered Cloud users may Click here and submit their Service Request (SR) to avail the above service, whereas new users ( i.e., users not yet registered for cloud ) are requested to first apply for the Cloud Registration with reference to the On-boarding procedure.

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