इलेक्‍ट्रॉनिकी और सूचना प्रौद्योगिकी मंत्रालय, भारत सरकार

AI - Satyapikaanan

AI Satyapikaanan : Put simply, face verification is needed to verify that you are who you claim to be. It is needed for contactless online security. Your unique face is the most secure way of verifying your identity online, and it’s the only way that government services can be assured that you and only you have access to your data.

These services may be needed while applying for visas, driver’s licence, or passports; to access your health record; to receive government scheme benefits; or to sit for an exam. NIC is providing face verification services for office attendance, life certificates for pensioners, RTO’s driving and learner’s licence examinee verification, etc.

The user has to put in a signed user request, informing briefly about the use case under consideration, the number of concurrent requests expected per second, and whether the inference is required on a real-time basis or can be executed in batch mode during off-peak hours. On the basis of queuing requests and the availability of the inference server platform, the requests will be taken up on a "first-come, first-served basis".

How to Avail the Services

Registered Cloud users may Click here and submit their Service Request (SR) to avail the above service, whereas new users ( i.e., users not yet registered for cloud ) are requested to first apply for the Cloud Registration with reference to the On-boarding procedure.

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